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About Us

Our Values


1. Timeliness - At TAS we understand that instrument down time can be very costly to you. We therefore aim to provide the fastest response times in the industry. All breakdown calls will be responded by telephone or email by a technical specialist within 2 hrs and if a site visit is required we aim to have an engineer available within 48hrs for our contract customers.

2. Adapatability - By building strategic partnerships with many SME's in the industry we can provide a one-stop total solutions package for the customer. Anything from chromatography, spectrometry, gas generation and vacuum pumps through to temperature mapping and environmental cabinets if TAS can't service it then we know people who can.

3. Service Quality - We are currently in the process of establishing a strategic alliance / co-operative with 6 other OEM trained engineers to provide the highest levels of response and quality at every serivce call whilst reducing overheads which can be passed on to the customer through lower contract prices.

Our Mission



Maintaining your business 

Our mission is to 'Innovate the Industry'. This means building new and innovative strategies in order to provide the best Total Solution for your Laboratory servicing needs with the highest level of integrity and quality whilst maintaining low cost to the customer.

About the Director

Managing Director -

Oli Barnes MChem (Hons) MBA 


Oli Barnes graduated from the University of Bath with a Masters in Chemistry (MChem) in 2003. During this sandwich course he worked within a pre-formulation group at Pfizer before returning as a bioanalyst working to GLP after graduation. In 2005 he started his journey into mass spec service beginning at AB/Sciex as a OEM trained service engineer before joining MSpec as a senior LCMS specialist and then Jaytee Biosciences where he ascended to the level of service manager and business development manager whilst also being the principal MS service specialist. After leaving in 2016 he set up Total Analytical Solutions Ltd in order to provide high quality service at low cost to all customers.

In 2018 Oli graduated from the Open University with a post graduate Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Entrepreneurship, Financial Risk and Creativity and Innovation with the intention to utilise his new business acumen to innovate the industry for the benefit of his customers