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Mass Spec Service Specialists

Welcome to TAS Ltd, we are an independent mass spec service organisation founded in 2016 by Oli Barnes.  Our business model is based on collaboration with customers, suppliers and vendors within the industry in order to offer end users the Total package for all your analytical needs from pipettes through to mass specs.

We are specialists in the maintenance, repair, training and resale of AGILENT, SCIEX, THERMO, VARIAN and WATERS LCMS and GCMS mass spectrometry and chromatography instruments in the UK, Ireland and Europe.  

Our current customer base comes from many backgrounds including Hospitals, Contract Research Organisations, Environmental Labs, Universities and Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Looking for an engineer you can trust? Look no further, we have highly skilled HPLC, GC and Mass Spec engineers standing by to fulfill all you laboratory servicing needs

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6100 Series

6200 Series

6300 Series

6400 Series
6500 Series
597x Series
7000 Series
Legacy 1946/1956

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API150 / API165 / API365 / API3000

API2000 / QTRAP API3200 / 3200TRAP

API4000 / 4000TRAP / API5000

API3500 / 3500TRAP

API4500 / 4500TRAP

API5500 / 5500TRAP API6500 / 6500TRAP

QStar Family

5600/6600 Triple ToF

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Thermo Scientific

ISQ / DSQ Series

LCQ /LXQ Series
LTQ Series
LTQ Orbitrap Series
TSQ Series
Exactive Series

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ZQ / EMD1000 / ZMD / LCZ


Platform LC / Quattro Family

​Xevo TQ / Xevo TQD / Xevo TQ-S


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 Varian 1200 / 320 / 400

Varian Saturn Interchim Puriflash

Advion ExpressIon

PE Clarus  PE Turbomass

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