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At TAS our core competence is the service of LC, GC and IC instrumentation. We service instruments from a variety of manufacturers including Sciex, Agilent, Thermo and Waters. To offer a total package we also service many MS detectors. 

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We currently support:

           - AB/Sciex Exion Series

           - Agilent 1100/1200 HPLC
           - Agilent 1220/1260/1290 Infinity and Infinity II UHPLC
           - Agilent 6890/7890/8890 GC
           - Waters Alliance HPLC

           - Waters Acquity UPLC
​​           - CTC PAL
           - Thermo Ultimate 3000 UHPLC
           - Thermo Vanquish UHPLC
           - Thermo Trace GC

           - Thermo Accela / Surveyor HPLC

           - Dionex Ion Chromatography

           - Peak Scientific / Claind Gas Generators       

            - Varian 3800/3900 GC  

           - GE AKTA FPLC (Via our strategic partner Holmes Analytical)



Service Level Agreements

We offer 4 SLAs to cover your needs

1. PM Only - Our simplest SLA where you pay for a PM with PM parts. OEM or Alternative Parts - Your Choice.

2. Basic SLA - As per a PM Only contract with the added benefit of guaranteed response times for all breakdown calls

3. Standard SLA - All the benefits of a Basic SLA with the added benefit of all breakdown travel and labour included in the contract.

4. Ultimate SLA - All the benefits of our Standard SLA with the added benefit of Total piece of mind with all breakdown parts included within the price

Subject to instrument type and location we can also offer our business critical agreement for next day response times. 

Operational Qualification

OQ Tiers - Bringing Precision, Accuracy and Reliability To PV

With the increased demand for qualification and compliance in the laboratory we have introduced 4 OQ tiers over and above our standard maintenance.

Tier 1 - Standard OQ performance tests to prove instrument functionality, ideal for non regulated environments where you just require peace of mind.

Tier 2 - Advanced OQ performance tests, similar to the level of the OQ/PQ verification during instrument installation. A certificate is provided on completion ideal for most industry standard laboratory's and will match a UCAS level accreditation audit.

Tier 3 - A Performance Verification devolved from the EDQM and USP to match pharma level accreditation (MHRA, FDA). Procedures are followed in accordance to a generic work instruction. Ideal for high level auditing requirements GCLP and GXP standard.

Tier 4 - A Performance Verification level to match pharmaceutical Level accreditation (MHRA, FDA) with the added benefit of offering customer specific work instructions, bespoke to your requirements.