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Sciex 4000 QTrap

Built around the highly sensitive API4000 model with LLODs of 100pg/mL or less this QTrap increases functionality with added trapping scan modes such as MS/MS/MS and Enhanced Product and Precursor ion monitoring. This 4000Trap comes fully refurbished and in as new condition and is ready for installation with a 6 month warranty included in the price


The MS comes with a Varian HS602 backing pump and a Windows 7 PC preloaded with Analyst 1.6.3 software. Software licenses are not provided and you may need to consult the OEM for more information.

Nitrogen Generator

This SwissGas NG 7040 is a market leader in speed and purity of Nitrogen production. Unlike most gas generators on the market, the 7040 is built on scroll pump technology, reducing noise and vibration that is commonplace with piston pumps, whilst building N2 Pressure in a matter of seconds.